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As a Career Coach I’ve worked with some really amazing and passionate people who have gotten really bad or in-congruent career advice over the years.

Let me use a personal experience as an example. It’s about golf… don’t worry it’ll circle back to career advice, I promise.

I am a horrible golfer! I generally golf with people that are way better than me and I have been trying to break 100 consistently for years.

Because I golf with better golfers I would always solicit tips or coaching from them to help with my swing (even though they weren’t coaches).  Every time someone more knowledgeable than me about golf gave me a tip I would think, “that’s exactly what I needed.  The magic bullet.”

That single tip never changed anything.  In fact the accumulation of tips actually made my game worse – a lot worse. The more tips I got, the better I thought I should be.  The better I thought I’d be, the more frustrated I got when my game actually got worse.

What I failed to understand was that the people that were giving me “helpful” tips had been coached themselves or they had taken lessons and therefore were using single theories and philosophies that worked within their system or strategy.  What I had was a train wreck of mixed and conflicting theories and philosophies.

No wonder my game was a mess and I was the most frustrated golfer on the planet!

I finally got frustrated enough to get my own coach. Then I really saw how messed up my game really was.  I signed up for 10 lessons and spent the  first 3 working on my stance.  Seriously, I didn’t swing the club for 3 of the 10 lessons.  I became incredibly aware of how important building my foundation was.  If you want to be successful in golf you have to have a proper stance.  Set up wrong, your ball goes where you don’t want it to.

That’s why I am so big on having the people I work with do homework.  The best career advice I give to anyone I work with is to “go home and schedule an hour  to sit at your kitchen table. Put on your favorite music pour a drink of whatever relaxes you and get to know yourself.

I have them answer my DYD (Define Your DRIVE) questions and I’m sure there are people out there laughing right now because I’ve recommended this to over 1000 people by now.

But what happens next is really the best part.  They either call me back or email with an epiphany. A clear view of what their future looks like.  An understanding of why they hate their job or why no one is calling them for an interview. The best career advice I can give you is to “look within.”

Here is an article I wrote with some career advice that will help you calibrate your internal compass: Breaking Your Old Habits is Your Key to Find a Job

This article will also help you understand the power in “letting go”, wiping the slate clean and rebuilding from the ground up:
The Monkey Trap, your Job Search and Career Change.

The best career advice I can offer you is, DON’T stay trapped in a job you hate for one day longer than you have to. Or if you are looking for a job and what you are doing isn’t working, make the change – now.

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“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world… usually do.” Apple Commercial from 1997…


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