monkey trap

Definition – Monkey Trap

A cage containing some nuts with a hole large enough for a monkey’s hand to fit in, but not large enough for a monkey’s fist (clutching the nuts) to come out. Used to “catch” monkeys that lack the intellect to let go of the nuts and run away.

Definition – Career Trap

A job or career that makes the people working in it feels stuck and “less than” who they really are.  This job can also cause the people in it to lack the information and/or confidence to let go of a situation that is making them miserable and need to change careers change so they can thrive and live a happy life.

Symptoms of someone who is stuck in a “Career Trap” and needs to change careers:

  • Anxiety about going to work.  Usually starts Sunday afternoon and lasts to the following Friday evening.
  • Stressed out, frustrated or possibly depressed.
  • Either…
    • Under-utilized in their current position and craves more challenge.
    • Over-utilized in their current position and craves more time at home.
  • In a job that has changed over the years and currently has no resemblance to the job you were hired for.
  • Either works for a boss that…
    • Micro manages.
    • Doesn’t manage or care at all.
    • Puts their own agenda before that of the employees or company.
    • Happy to take credit for your work.
  • Little to no recognition for the extra work they do to cover for others or because no one else will do it.
  • Generally dread going to work and work affects their time at home.
  • History of moving from job to job every 6, 12 or 18 months.

With 65% of the working population in North America feeling unfulfilled or unhappy at work it is clear the MAJORITY of people are stuck in the “career trap” and need to change careers  It’s an epidemic!

I know how it feels, I was stuck too.  I spent 3 years with 2 different companies that “sold” me their job and I bought it.  Looking back I over paid!  It cost me my physical and mental health, my time with friends and family, my ability to change careers, my pride, a small piece of my soul and my ability to live a happy, balanced and fulfilling life.

BUT, I owe those two companies a huge THANK YOU because without them I would have never freed myself from the Career Trap, changed careers and found a job I loved.  They were, in a way the catalyst for my life and how I define success today. So thank you to both of those horrible employers, I owe you a beer.
Because of the horrible fit between me and them I ended up in a place where I thought, “Life has to be better than this?”  And as I would soon learn, it can be.

Here are the 7-Steps of Empowerment to Change Careers:

  1. Let Go… of all the reasons you have to stay – you don’t owe them anything.  You have an agreement, you work for them and in return they pay you for your work. Remove the emotion, would they give you 4 weeks’ notice?
  2. Create your “Ideal Job Description.” Reach for the stars and create the definition for your perfect job that you’re willing to change careers for.  If you aren’t totally excited about it, it doesn’t make your list.
  3. Narrow Cast. Don’t consider any job that isn’t perfect for you.  And the ones that are perfect… look at them again.  Change your mind from Applying to many and seeing who shows interest to applying to few and checking them out to see if they meet your criteria.
  4. Be a Heat Seeking Missile.  Seek out the people who either have access to or know people who have can help you change careers and tell them about your ideal job.
  5. Stay On Script.  When you get in front of someone who can help you with your change careers – ONLY talk about the things that make you perfect for that job.  Don’t talk about anything that doesn’t DIRECTLY relate to your ideal job and career change.
  6. Don’t be Afraid of NOT Getting the Job.  If you follow steps 1-5, get an interview and you don’t get a job offer… the job wasn’t your ideal job.  You told them LOUD AND CLEAR what you wanted and they couldn’t deliver it.  How empowering is that?  You’ll always know exactly why you didn’t get the job.
  7. Safe is Risky and Risky is Safe.  As soon as you start comparing what you are doing to what EVERYONE ELSE is doing, you are DONE!They are all playing “safe” which is risky.  65% of people who have a job HATE IT.  How much proof do you need?  Don’t do what they are doing, it painfully obvious it doesn’t work.  You want to get out of the 65%, change careers and love life… don’t you?

    Here’s an article I wrote about how
    Success Leaves Clues.

  • Be Brave.  Be Fearless.  Be Courageous and you will succeed in you quest to change careers.
  • It’s not about being wanted.  It’s not about choosing from the best of the worse.  It’s not about quantity.
  • It’s about finding the right fit.  It’s about finding the right employers.  It’s about quality.

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“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world… usually do.” Apple Commercial from 1997…

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