Looking for a job makes you skeptical, frustrated and confused.

You should be skeptical.  It seems there is someone around every corner offering you a “silver bullet” or quick fix solution to looking for a job and getting hired.  The irony on this statement is not lost on me.  There is no “silver bullet” or quick fix solution.  Looking for a job and getting hired involves homework, being focused in the right area, knowledge of the hiring process and a good, strong strategy.

You should be frustrated. In many cases you have been sold a bill of goods.  You’ve been given “mass appeal” advice that isn’t helping you get hired, it’s getting you eliminated.  It’s keeping you unemployed. Most advice isn’t for people with your extensive experience and/or education.  Most people are offering advice for everyone, which ends up being advice for no one.

You should be confused. How can people offer you advice telling you what your resume “needs” to look like, what you “need” to say in an interview and what you “need” to be doing while looking for a job without knowing you or your experience?  That’s crazy to me and it’s the reason you’re confused.

I get it, you’re pissed off.  You should be! Looking for a job is serious, very serious!  This is your life, your relationships, your financial here, now and future.

What worries me is many of you have lost your voice.  Because you are skeptical, frustrated and confused you’ve stopped speaking out.  You have stopped challenging the status quo.  You have stopped listening to new and different advice.  You’re stuck because you’ve been burnt so many times.

You have to get “unstuck,” it’s the most important thing you can do. It’s time to reclaim your voice and help yourself and others who are in similar shoes and looking for a job.

  • Don’t use it to complain.  Use it to break away from all that negativity.
  • Don’t use it to vandalize what others are offering.  Use it to questions and challenge the validity of the advice for yourself and others in your position.
  • Don’t use it to get sympathy for your situation. You will never get hired because you need a job! Use it to improve your situation and help others along the way.

As Tony Robbins says, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” This can’t apply more to you if you are looking for a job and using the same techniques and strategies you have always been using.

How much longer can you afford to “get what you are getting?” How much longer can you afford to keep looking for a job?

It time to change.  It’s time to have a voice.  Want to learn how?  Here is an amazing Ted Talk from an Amanda Palmer about how to “ask” for what you want.

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