This is a quote from Jim Rohn that was introduced to me by Tony Robbins.

Tony talked about it in terms of “success” and that made me think that this absolutely applies in my world as a professional career coach.

Mr. Rohn actually goes on to say, “So does failure.”

He recommends that you study what successful people do to become successful and copy them. He also recommends that you study what unsuccessful people do and put that in the “what not to do column.”

He goes on to say, “find out what (unsuccessful) people read and don’t read it!”

Aren’t you doing exactly that in your job search? Aren’t you going online and reading what all the other unhappily or unemployed people are reading?

That is the most valuable thing and hardest habit to break people as a professional career coach.  You have read a thousand times that you need a profile and summary on your resume but that is really hurting your chances as an example.

I had a gentleman comment on the S2A Facebook page that he got more interviews when he put his profile on his cover letter.  Of course he did – hiring managers don’t reads cover letters either! I am sure there is a professional career coach (or a few thousand) out there right now telling you that you have to have a profile and summary. Has a profile and summary contributed to your success to this point?

Here is an article I wrote about how most career “experts” are more concerned about fitting in with their piers that they are your success.

A Few Hiring Managers Tricks Revealed And They Are Sneaky

The point is, if you are following all the online advice that everyone else is following and it’s not working, you’re following bad advice.  Mass Appeal advice doesn’t work.

Is your job search is risky?  If it’s not working, it probably is!

Here is a video of Mr. Rohn (he is not a professional career coach) but he is an expert on success and that is my hope for you.

It is from 1981 and amazing how relevant it still is.  Check out the technology of the “lapel mic” and he even uses a chalk board – what?

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