Negotiating vs. Interviewing.

Too many people are just happy to get a job interview.  I hear it all the time “I am so lucky they called me” or I am so fortunate to be able to interview for a position with your company.” I say, “You are not lucky to be there, you deserve to be there!”

Here is my 3-Step philosophy on how to negotiate you new job instead of “going to a job interview.”

1.  Go in with confidence.  You do this by being a “ME” expert and knowing exactly what you love and want to do, where you want to work, how you want to work, how you want to be managed, where you are on your own personal experience cycle and why you are going to work after all. If you can answer all of these questions with “pin Point” accuracy, you just might be a “ME” expert.

Here is an amazing Ted Talk from Amy Cuddy about Your body language shapes who you are.

2.  Tell Hiring Managers what you want them to hear and NOT what you think they want to hear. This seems like a subtle shift but it is not and it generally scares the crap out of people.  Change your job search vocabulary to “what do I want” instead of “what do I think they want.”

3.  Get the answers you need to make sure the company is for you.  After all, this is a negotiation, right?  How many negotiations only have one side asking for what they need or require – very few.  Ask for what you require from them and keep asking until you are confident they can deliver.  After all they will ask you until they are happy!

You will fins more of the sneaky questions hiring managers ask in a job interview, why they ask them and some advice on how you can answer them in the article on Careerealism – How to Answer 7 of the Most Common Interview Questions

You aren’t lucky to be there – YOU DESERVE TO BE THERE!  Here is a clip of me doing a live coaching session that will explain the difference between negotiating your new job vs. going to a job interview.


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