Today I am going to talk about the biggest gamble – the “daddy of em’ all!”

The resume writing mistake that could be keeping you from getting interviews.

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Profiles and Summaries!  You read that correctly. These are the biggest resume writing mistake of all.

  • When it comes to resume writing, 99% of the people out there will tell you to include them.
  • They are never read in the initial or second screening of your resume and will (if at all) only be read in the final stage of the screening process.  Probably by the person you will be working for.
  • No One was ever hired because of a brilliant profile or summary but up to 50% of candidates are eliminated based on a poor profile or summary.
  • If it’s being read, you are on the short list!  If they don’t like it, THEY WILL ELIMINATE YOU from getting an interview. If they like your profile and summary, you’ll get the interview (that you were already going to get).
  • Hiring managers DO NOT AGREE what a good profile and summary looks like.  A profile and summary that one hiring manager likes will get you eliminated by another.
  • You will NEVER BE ELIMINATED for not providing a profile or summary.  I’ve asked a lot of hiring managers and they have all said they would ABSOLUTELY eliminate someone for a poor profile or summary but they have never or wouldn’t eliminate a candidate for not having them on your resume.
  • Wondering how you are going to highlight all of your wonderful achievements without a profile and summary? That’s what Job Summaries are for!


  • There is 0% risk of being eliminated by not having an profile and/or summary on your resume.
  • You increase your chance of being eliminated by up to 50% by including a profile or summary on your resume.

Resume Writing Conclusion:

Leave Profiles and Summaries OFF YOUR RESUME.

I want you to think about something for me.

  • What are employers looking for on your resume?  Experience and/or education
  • Profiles and summaries do a really poor job of highlighting either, they only serve to get in the way of the information a hiring manager is looking for
  • If you do not have a Profile or Summary on your resume, what are you forcing a hiring manager to look at?  Your Experience and/or Education!
  • Why would you put something on your resume that can and will get you eliminated even though you have the right experience and/or education?

Remember, holding on to something that is keeping you from getting hired is crazy.  You have too much to gain and lose!  How much longer can you be unemployed?  Don’t you owe it to yourself to try anything, everything to get a job?  Maybe it’s time to break tradition? The good news is this will help – not hurt you.

I heard a great saying yesterday. “Let go or get dragged.” Your choice. Here are 10 tips that you should know about.

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