CAREER HACK #27 – Resume Writing 1.1

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Resume writing is not a creative writing exercise. Your resume is not a “More is Better” opportunity.

Your resume is a reflection of the Experience and Education you have that meet the requirements of a potential employer.  Resume writing is the creation of a professional document.  Your resume is a “Less is More” opportunity.

If you have more than 10 years of experience and have any level of education (current or from the past) you are “gambling” with your chances of getting an interview by using traditional resume writing techniques.

80% of what you are being told you “need” to have on your resume won’t get you an interview!  It will get you eliminated!

The people that are telling you to put these things on your resume are either hiring managers who are looking for quick ways to eliminate you or “experts” who have never hired anyone.

To see what the resume screening process really looks like you can review my article: Resume Format 101 Anatomy of a Resume Screening. This will come in handy to understand how I talk about resume writing.

Objectives Statements:

  •     Used by new grads and entry level applicants to show how eager they are about a specific company.
  •     NO ONE WAS EVER HIRED because of a great objective statement.
  •     As a professional recruiter I have seen several people eliminated because they used one.
  •     No Hiring Manager will EVER eliminate you for not having an Objective Statement.


  •     There is 0% risk of being eliminated by not having an objective statement on your resume.
  •     You increase your chance of being eliminated by having an objective statement.

Conclusion: Leave the Objective Statements OFF YOUR RESUME.  They are seldom read and when they are they are used to make a decision to either eliminate your application or place you in the maybe pile for further review.

Would you knowingly reduce your chances of getting hired?  If you’re using an Objective Statement… you are!

The longer you are unemployed the more… at risk your relationships become, the bills pile up, the more stress. And you can rinse and repeat every month, week, day you’re out of work.

Here is an article for you If you are over 40 and looking for a job and feeling the pressure.

Your resume is the second step in getting hired.  Resume Writing is a misunderstood necessity. How much longer can you afford to keep using the same old advice before it is too late? If what you are doing isn’t working you owe it to yourself to try something new.  Here is a start for you!

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