Corey's Skills to Achieve program was literally life changing for me. Through his program I was provoked to think about what I wanted for a (second) career, which was more than just a job. I have and continue to sincerely recommend Corey for anyone who is looking for a new career and is willing to look deep inside to find their passion. Alex Cameron
Business Consultant and Contract Business Developer
Corey Harlock provided me with valuable expertise and to-the-point guidance. His professional, unusual but highly effective approach, made it easy for me to relocate back to Canada. This pragmatic and realistic advise in grooming my mode, was a completely different direction from what I have experienced in the past. However, it proved highly effective and delivered results immediately. A powerful partner to have for anyone wanting to relocating to Canada or the U.S. Hubert J. Aumeier
Skills to Achieve is an excellent tool for Job Seekers looking to enhance their skills in securing the right opportunity. The program is full cycle – starting with understanding what is you are really looking for in your career, through writing a resume that will get noticed to securing the interview and acing it. Skills to Achieve is an effective and unique tool that will help Job Seekers secure the right position! Leah Sobering
Solutions Consultant at Workopolis
Corey Harlock is that rare visionary who has the discipline and the energy to see his innovative concepts through to implementation. As a respected member of the hospitality sector, Corey brings street credibility to his current passion, effective talent acquisition and retention for that sector. I have worked with Corey as he has developed his concepts, Skills to Achieve and the Fearless Job Seeker System and, as an HR expert with over thirty years of experience, I strongly recommend these tools for people seeking to build effective careers. Corey provides job seekers with the tools they need to achieve success. I strongly recommend Corey to both employers and candidates who are seeking someone with a high level of personal integrity and a focus on results. Kim Bechtel
Decision Maker and Chief Idea Officer

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