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3 Things you can learn about your Job Search and the online application system from “Bob Jackson.”

Man I love this video, if you have ever done karate you will too.  For full impact replace “self-defence” with “job search” while you watch it.

  1.  There are a lot of “Bob Jackson’s” out there… claiming to be former world champion career coach’s and charging you “more than other career coaches” based on fake or non-existent credentials. Always do your homework and be sure people who are telling you how to get hired have a track record and have actually hired someone, anyone in the past.  You will find some awesome and truly inspiring coaches out there amongst the imposters.
  2. “Defence against a knife attack”The actual technique “Bob” is trying to use is a metaphor for the online application process.  It is designed to be effective when followed to the “T.” Make no mistake; the online application system was created by hiring managers to make it easier, faster and more efficient for them.  It is NOT designed for you to showcase yourself, your education or experience.  If hiring managers could spend less time looking at your resume they would.  As it is, the overwhelming majority of resumes are eliminated at first screening which lasts on average a whopping 5-10 seconds!  Seriously, that is not a system designed for you to showcase yourself.The online application system was created by and is design to give the hiring manager 100% control over the process.  And, that leaves you with exactly 0% control over your own destiny.  In a potential partnership that could last 1, 2 10 years or even a lifetime, you have 0%! Are you OK with that?  I’m not OK with that.
  3. “You attacked me wrong…” This, believe it or not is what you are being told to do in your job search. Does any of this sound familiar:

    Too many (way too many) so called career experts are telling you to “straighten you arm” so the hiring managers can properly defend your online application – is that what you goal is?  To do things the way the hiring manager ask so they can eliminate you with the utmost speed and efficiency? Being told to stand out by playing with the same rules as the other hundreds of thousands of people looking to get hired just does not make sense. If everyone is trying to stand out using the same rules, then NO ONE is standing out!Are you ready to reclaim control and confidence in your job search?  You should be!

Time to “take Bob out!” How to do battle with the Online Application System.

The question here isn’t how can you “tweak” your attack to better maneuver the system.  It is not about re-writing your profile to be rich with key words.  It is not about re-writing your cover letter (no one reads them, and I mean no one.) for your online application.

It’s about changing your approach, from the ground up.  “Bob” is prepared for a knife attack.  He is in his “karate stance.”  He shouts when to attack.  He tells you how to attack.  “Bob” is in complete control, knows when you are attacking, how you are attacking and with what you are attacking – no wonder he is able to defend with efficiency and extreme prejudice .

But, what if…

What if you flipped the script?  Again, I am not talking about small “tweaks” like maybe attacking earlier than “Bob’s” command or using a cutting motion rather than a stabbing motion.  “Bob” is a “professional” and can handle a slight variation.

I am talking about changing the playing field – completely.  “Bob” is expecting and ready for a knife attack.  What if you pulled out a Samaria sword, a pistol or better yet a machine gun and attacked him from behind, at night after class? (I am absolutely not advocating violence against hiring managers, just using a metaphor here.) So when it comes to your job search what if you saw the online application differently?  What if you ditched your profiles and summaries (I have proof that they only increase your chances of getting you eliminated – straighten that arm!) and got down to the real good information a hiring managers wants: do you have the right education and the right experience.  What if you sent your resume directly to them and what if you were a master at the “follow up call” and not the opportunity ending sales call?  What if you refused to “straighten your arm” but instead insisted on learning how to defend a real, life threatening attack from a real life situation or insisted on applying for your ideal jobs in a way that actually made employers see that you are right for the job instead of being one in a hundred that sent in an online application and are hoping to get a response, any response?

It’s about understanding what the objectives are and what is being asked of you.  After that, you are allowed to interpret the rules anyway you want (within reason).

“Bob” asked you to attack him.  What “Bob” didn’t expect is that you had your own version of what “attack” means.

Stop approaching your job search like the thousands of other job seekers who are following the rules that are keeping them unemployed and start seeing the process differently with your own variations. Be an online application ninja! Hiring managers will never know when or where you will strike!

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“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world… usually do.” Apple Commercial from 1997…

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