lying bastards

You’re probably saying, “But Corey, I have had so many great job interview experiences and have found hiring managers to be professional and knowledgeable.” No you’re not!

The truth is hiring managers are insanely busy people who work in a department that does not generate revenue for the  companies they work for.  What I mean is, HR professionals are hired by a company to do their bidding, offer advice (that is not always taken), improve the processes and employee experience, payroll benefits, immigration and if they have time hire, onboard, train and answer any questions you may have.

They don’t have a lot of time for your job interview.

Now factor in that they are recruiting for dozens of positions and receiving 100’s of resumes – daily.  Yeah, they’re busy as hell.  BUT does that give them the right to mislead and lie to you in your job interview?

Just like you lie to hiring managers in your job interview in your quest to tell them what they want to hear and be chosen for the job.  Hiring managers lie too.  They lie to tap dance around sticky topics like age and employment discrimination because using misdirection is safer (and easier) for them.

They can avoid you forever (because they have so much other stuff to do) because they don’t want to have the “hard” or honest conversation that makes them feel all icky or mean.

If you are one of the millions of frustrated job seekers out there… here are just a few of the lies you’ve heard in any job interview and what they really mean.

  1. We are concerned that you won’t fit in with our culture. Translation: You’re too old, too independent, too set in your ways.
  2. You are overqualified and we are afraid you won’t be challenged enough. Translation: You’re applying way below your experience and you’ll leave when a better, more suitable position comes along.
  3. You don’t have enough recent experience. Translation: You have been unemployed or out of their industry too long.
  4. Actually we’re not hiring right now, we’re just testing the market to see what talent is out there. The Holy Grail of Hiring manager lies.  I don’t like you for many reasons and instead of being honest I’m going to feed you a line of crap so you’ll just go away.
  5. And my personal favorite, drum roll please.  Not enough top line fiscal experience!  Awesome.  I have no idea what it means and I am sure the hiring manager that used it didn’t either, but how can you argue with it?

Here’s a great article from Fistful of Talent for you to check out too, HR Pros giving bad advice

But there is something you can do to combat this epidemic, take back control of the process and ace your next job interview.  The answer begins and ends with you.

Refuse to play their game!

Stop interviewing to be chosen or as I say,  “stop telling hiring managers what you think they want to hear.”

START approaching your job interviews as if they were a negotiation!  Once you start telling hiring managers what you want them to hear amazing things happen.

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