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I get asked about it all the time about “personal branding” and social networking.  I hate to tell you this, but personal branding and social networking is more about getting you eliminated that hired.

Social networking is HUGE!

You have to have a website, LinkedIn profile, Twitter feed, all the bells and whistles.  I have them all; it’s part of getting noticed, right?

Here is the part most people don’t understand.  Most social networking is used to find you and some of them are used to eliminate you. None of them are used to hire you.

Social Networking – LinkedIn Profiles

Most companies will use LinkedIn to source.  That means they will find suitable candidates, reach out and ask for your resume.  LinkedIn is my primary tool for sourcing candidates in certain niches.

What most people don’t think about is that LinkedIn can also get you overlooked and even eliminated.

Let me explain.  I once worked with a very high level hotelier who was between jobs.  He called me and asked me about his LinkedIn profile and what he should put in his summary section for potential employers.  He suggested something like, “hospitality professional looking for a new opportunity.”

My response was, “so if I need a bartender, I’ll call you?”

He thought I was crazy asking him to tend bar. After all, he is a high level guy.

But what is hospitality professional?  To me it means nothing. A summary like that won’t attract the jobs he is looking for.  It won’t attract anything at all.

I suggested he try something that was targeted and specific to him.

Something like this…

High End Hotel Manager specializing in opening and re-branding operations up to 1500 rooms and budgets ranging from $50 – $100 million.  All projects completed on time and on budget.

Don’t focus on the numbers, they are probably wrong.  It’s an example.  Focus on the message.

A summary like this does a few things for you.

  1. It shows exactly what you do!
  2. If someone is sourcing through LinkedIn for this skill set, they will find you.
  3. If you have what they need, they will contact you.
  4. You won’t be contacted for bartender jobs like all the other “hospitality” professionals.

Here are the results you can expect with the “Hospitality” Professional summary.

  1. No one will contact you; they don’t know what you do.
  2. If someone does contact you it will be for a variety of positions – odds are not the one you are looking for.

I want to be clear, LinkedIn is only used to source.  That’s it. It will only get you to the submission phase of the process.  It won’t get you an interview or a job offer…

Once you are found from your social networking efforts, you’ll be asked for a resume.  If your resume is bad it’s game over.

If your resume is good, you’ll get an interview.

You can read my thoughts on resumes here:

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So, is LinkedIn an effective tool?  That depends on you.  It can be very effective.  It can also be a waste of your time.

Can LinkedIn get you an interview? No, it can’t.  Your resume will still get you the interview.

Can LinkedIn get you a job? No, that is up to you. Are you willing to do the work?  Here is a great (and super short) article from Seth Godin on focusing on the good parts?

Be careful which and to the extent you use social networking, the opportunity for it to hurt your chances are greater than the opportunity to help you.

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