Career Hack #4 – Don’t Create More Questions with your Answers to Job Interview Questions.

Now we all know that the goal of a resume is to get us interviews and the goal of the interview is to get job offers – that’s it, that is the magic formula.

There are things that you are doing in the interview that are absolutely getting you eliminated before you get started.  Today I want to talk about the answers your giving to job interview questions that are creating more questions and ultimately getting you eliminated.

The WORST thing you can do in a job interview is to come off “shady” and the best way to do that is by giving answers to job interview questions that create more questions.  Watch the video below to see an extreme version of how bad it can go.  I actually ended up kicking this candidate out of my office when his answers lead to more questions that lead to him lying!  Don’t be this guy – I’m begging you.

You might be thinking, “Corey, how do I avoid making this tragic mistake and answer job interview questions effectively?”

The answer is really pretty simple.  it goes something like this.

1. Like a good Boy Scout (sorry ladies, the reference just fits) – Be prepared! Make sure you are “razor sharp” and have great, detailed answers to any job interview questions you can think of.

2.  If there is a question that scares the crap out of you (maybe you were fired, laid off, been unemployed for a while)… accept it and prepare for it.  Don’t hope and pray – it doesn’t work and will ultimately lead to more questions.  When I say be prepared, I mean be so prepared you are begging for them to ask you!  That’s prepared.

3.  Don’t lie, soften the blow or say it was mutual. I hate that answer and nothing creates more questions than saying it was a “mutual decision. “What do you mean it was mutual?” “Explain to me what happened?”  What does your record of employment say – Terminated or resigned?”  See, lots of BAD questions.  You have to be honest and accountable.  Hiring managers are craving people that accept responsibility for their actions and don’t blame anyone else.

Your job is to increase your chances of getting a job offer by answering job interview questions thoroughly and without CREATING MORE QUESTIONS  This video explains what I am talking about…

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