The riskiest thing you can do in your job search is “play safe.”

That begs the question, what is “playing safe” in your job search?

Playing safe is looking the same as everyone else online, on paper and in-person.

Playing safe is using the same widespread techniques with the promise of making you stand out without questioning, “If everyone is using the same techniques and standing out, am I really standing out?”

Playing safe is going through your job search to “not get eliminated” versus trying to get hired.

Playing safe is holding onto common and accepted resume and interview advice that is loaded with information that is increasing your chances of getting eliminated and not hired.

Playing safe is holding on to the way you are doing things, things everyone else is doing even though it isn’t working or hasn’t worked.

Playing safe is doing the same things over and over that are keeping you unemployed and making excuses about why you aren’t getting hired.

Safe is in the middle, the middle is a crowded place to be.  Being in the middle means being ordinary and if you are ordinary you are in a crowded group. Groups don’t get hired, Extraordinary people do. It’s time to face reality and not your imagination.

Extraordinary people take risks.  They do things differently, they force you to decide one way or another.

Want to know if you are part of the “ordinary” crowd in your job search?  Answer the following questions.

  1. Have you been looking for a job for more than 8 weeks?
  2. Are you getting little to no response to your applications? 
  3. Are you getting interviews but no job offers? 
  4. Are you always the second choice?

If you answered yes to 2 or more of these questions, your job search is ordinary.  You are playing safe.  You are putting your ability to survive now and in the future at risk. You’re suffering in silence and frustration.

Being extraordinary is easy – be yourself! Take a deep dive into what you want, what you need back from an employer and what your ideal job looks like and why you are going to work anyway.

Stop giving people the answers you “think” they are looking for.  That’s what everyone else is doing. Start telling them what YOU want them to hear!

Stop being ashamed of who you are and what you offer, tap in to what you love doing and be strategic about it. Try Pushing Up, not Out.

Stop being a victim in your job search and hoping people will help you because they feel bad for you.  They don’t and won’t.

Start telling them why you are extraordinary in detail, with passion and focus.  

Start telling people what you want and what you require back from them to be successful.

Start being strategic about the specific experience you have that applies to the job you are applying to.  You don’t have 20 years of experience. You have 4 years of experience 5 times over.

Start taking control – it’s your life, you might as well be in control of it!

It’s radical I know, but isn’t that what you’re looking for; something extraordinary, something different, something that will make a difference, now and for your future?

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