Did you know that people between the ages of 45-54 stay with an employer an average of 7.8 years while employees 25-34 stay with an employer just 3.2 years?

The questions is… “How can you use this info to get hired?”

When you are in the 45-54 age range you are on the “down slope” of your career in the eyes of an employer.  What I mean is you have 25 – 35 years of experience and 10 – 20 years of service left.

10–20 years of service left is a long time.  That’s 3-6 new jobs for someone in the 25-34 age range!

It’s not your age that is limiting you and your ability to get hired.  It’s your approach.

I’ll explain by telling you a story about a little know author.

Elizabeth Gilbert was in her early 40’s when she wrote “Eat, Pray, Love (ELP).” She had been writing her whole life with moderate success and EPL was without question her biggest success.

After the craziness and success of EPL had subsided Elizabeth came to a hard realization.  She was in her early 40’s and the greatest success she would ever know was behind her.  She would never again in her life realize the same success she had with EPL.

She admits that this realization was hard for her and she had two options.  She could be consumed with the trappings and deal with the depression and anxiety of trying to match her previous success. Or, she could redefine what success was to her.

She chose the latter and went on to redefine what she wanted from the writing experience and let the writing fulfill her instead of her success.

Her next book went on to outsell ELP!

How does this help you to get hired? What if you redefined your definition of success?  What if you outlined a new set of criteria that defined success and fulfillment for you?

We know that most of the job search advice out there isn’t for people over 40 so comparing yourself to your success to the success of someone 25-35 cold be your problem.

In most of the people over 40 I work with I see a need to talk about career and growth, they believe this is the “key” to getting hired.  This is what they’ve a;ways said and it worked… when they were 20 or 30.

BUT, I question if this is still your priority?   Are being authentic in your attempt to get hired?

What is more important to you NOW:

  • Going in early, working late and taking on extra projects, OR… Working a reasonable schedule and spending time with your family, traveling or on things outside of work?
  • Having a title and authority, OR… Enjoying your work and where you go to work regardless of title?
  • The ability to make as much money as you can, OR… Making enough to maintain your current standard of life.

The differences between option #1 and option #2 in each question represent “pushing out” or pushing up.” “Pushing out” doesn’t help you to get hired.

In my experience, when I challenge people who are over 40, 90% aren’t really in career growth mode. Saying they are has become a (bad) habit.

The key is to break the “habit” and take on a “pushing up” mentality.  “With my experience I can help elevate you and hopefully you will take me along with you.” This is a positive way to package your experience and helps you to get hired.

You become the most sought after #2 in your industry, while they work the long hours, deal with the boss(es), have the stress and take on extra projects.

Is this a more accurate definition of the job you want to get hired for?

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