less is more

“I am applying online to 10, 20 even 50 jobs a week.  Why isn’t anyone calling me for an interview?”

Here is the BIGGEST REASONS Applying Online Doesn’t Work!

If you’re promoting your 20 – 30 years of experience on your resume..
You got laid off and took the time to go back to school and get another degree, or your masters or your MBA and your are putting all of your old and new education on your resume…

You shouldn’t be applying online (or anyone really… for that matter).

Yep, this goes against most of what you have been told right?

If you don’t believe me, here is an article I wrote about how less is more.

The first thing I want you to do is STOP applying online for jobs.  Please promise me you won’t apply online for one more job until you do the following:

Take an inventory of your “applying online” activities.  Look at what’s working and what isn’t.

1.  Is your resume working?
This is easy to do.  Are you getting Interviews?  If you answered no, then your resume isn’t working!  It’s broken.

The job of your resume is to get you interviews, right?  Your resume doesn’t inspire hiring managers to write job offers, it doesn’t get you hired or give you any other magical power.  It’s job is simple – to get you interviews.

So if your applying online and your current resume isn’t getting you interviews – IT’S NOT WORKING! If you don’t believe me, here is a great article What’s Wrong With Using Resumes For Hiring? Pretty Much Everything written about what hiring managers see.

2. Are you an Expert or do you Just Need a Job
I also want you to think of all the companies you have been applying online too.  Are there any companies that you’ve applied to more than once or for every job they’ve posted?  If there are – do not send them one more resume.

You may have been told to apply online for every job a company posts to show them you are eager and interested in them. The truth is (here is some honest inside information for you)  that you have blown up any chance of getting hired by that company.  They don’t see you as eager they see you as desperate.

Hiring managers hire experts and applying to a customer service job, a sales job and an administrative job in the same company doesn’t show them you are a highly skilled expert, it shows them you need a job and you will take  anything you can get.

3. Can you “Play Poker?”
Remember hiring manages hire experts who can bring value to thier business with the right education and the right experience.
Hiring managers don’t hire people who (and this is going to be hard to hear, but if you can get the message it will help you get hired):

-need to pay rent or their mortgage
-are worried about the bills coming in at the end of the month
-can’t afford medication for  themselves or their family

So, play poker.  Go into every interview like the expert you know you are, grab the hiring managers by the neck and shake vigorously by talking about ONLY the education you have that is perfect for the job (stop over selling by talking about all of your education) and the experience you have that is PERFECT FOR THEIR JOB (stop over selling your “over 20 years of experience.”).

Here is the most important thing I can tell you and the hardest thing for you to hear about applying online. Being over qualified and over educated for a job WILL GET YOU ELIMINATED AS QUICKLY AS being under quailified and under educated!

So give them what they’re looking for – nothing more, nothing less!

Don’t be the most educated or the most experienced candidate when you’re applying online.  BE THE PERFECT CANDIDATE FOR THEIR JOB!

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