65% of people who have a job in North America are completely unhappy and unfulfilled with their job!

I received this question from someone in my “inner circle” and it is a great example of why people end up in jobs that are completely unfulfilling… they don’t dig deep enough when they ask job interview questions.

The questions was, “I was hired for a new job and haven’t received any training.  I have asked my supervisor but they seem to be overwhelmed and pretty unorganized and they haven’t been able to arrange any training.  I even asked about training in the interview and was told that “yes” there would be training.  What do I do?”

There are a lot of red flags her for me and the only thing you can do is keep pressing for the training you need or start to organize it on your own.

The real question is… how do you avoid this situation all together by asking Effective Job Interview Questions?

Asking the right Job Interview Questions is the key to never accepting an offer for a job that isn’t perfect for you again!

I explain the steps for asking job interview questions in the video below.

It’s really pretty simple to get the answers you need when you ask the right job interview questions, isn’t it?

1.    Tell them what is important to you.
2.    Ask them if it is important to them.
3.    Get Proof.

Following this formula also has two amazing side effects.

1.    You’ll get a great read on how a company views answering questions and how willing they are to be honest and opened with you.
2.    Hiring managers love this type of approach and will view you as someone who is accountable, has done their homework and will hold them accountable.  It will actually give you an advantage.

Skills to Achieve is all about leveling the playing field, taking control and getting the answers you need to leverage the probability of accepting an offer for your ideal job.

This technique for asking the right job interview questions will help you do that.

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