There are any number of “experts” out there that will tell you how to go out and get a new job.

There is a lot of bad advice out there for people who are looking for a new job.  Very few “experts” ever recognize or give you tools to deal with the way your last job ended and not dealing with the past is probably the reason your job search is failing. It could be the way you were forced out of your last job, the amount of time you have been unemployed, your confidence and your baggage. It’s the difference between Choosing a New Job or Being Chosen.

I had the opportunity to speak with Tim Tyrell-Smith founder of Tims Strategy about how searching for a new job when you have been unemployed for a long time, left you previous job on less that great terms and the “shame” you might be feeling because you used to provide for your family and future and now have trouble paying the bills.

You can see the whole interview below.  Please watch it, it is truly one of the most unique conversations I have been a part of and Tim offers some really amazing insight into landing a new job.

I also wanted to list some additional resources for people who might be facing psychological challenges in their quest to find a new job. These are the people that inspire me.

Brene Brown is referred to a lot in our house and her blog is amazing and inspiring. Brene’s books are also incredible and will help you – a lot!. You can see them on her website here.

Simon Sinek is another of my favorites.  He has a unique view on how to promote yourself on his blog Start with WHY. Here is a link to one of Simon’s articles, How to Talk About Your Weaknesses.

Please use these resources, deal with whatever is keeping you from moving forward and then go out kick your job search in the ass!

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