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This book allows me to share with you everything I’ve learned over the past years working with thousands of job seekers and hiring managers, painstakingly breaking down and analyzing every piece of the hiring process and re-packaging the information so you can get lightning fast results, easier and faster than you ever thought possible.

Corey Harlock

How Is This Different Than Other Job Search Information?

Now you can be two-steps ahead of any hiring manager and land the job you deserve.

  • Foundation

    Build a “bomb proof” launch pad for your job search.

  • Clarity

    Learn exactly what information should and shouldn’t go on your resume.

  • Get More Interviews

    Land more interviews for the jobs you’re actually excited about by using a highly strategic resume format.

  • Get More Job Offers

    Crush your interviews by learning how to answer any interview questions a hiring manager might throw at you.

  • Offer Accepted

    Negotiate and accept the offer that will let you get back on track and beyond.

  • The Life Your Deserve

    Land a job that’s perfect for you in the next 6 weeks.