should I stay or should i go

Last week I talked about how your career is like a road trip and the three options that we have when it comes to making the decision to either stay in your current situation or find a new job.

As a reminder here is the article and Video Blog from last week – CAREER HACK #39 – ROAD TRIP CONCEPT

In the article I compare your career and if you need to find a new job to a “road trip.” I ask the question, “What would you do if you were driving down the road of a big road trip when your co-pilot says we’re going the wrong way?”

At this point you only have three responses.

  1. Can I get there from here?  Or, if we keep heading in this direction can I find a connecting road or highway that I can take to get back on track.
  2. How far back do I need to go to get back on the right route or path?  Do I need to turn around and go back to get on the right track?
  3. What if I just keep going the wrong way and see what  happens up ahead?

I had a chance to meet with an old client who thought he needed to find a new job who I had the pleasure of coaching about 3 years back and the timing couldn’t have been better because I just published this article.

Drew found his ideal job.  He has his definition of work/life balance, loves the company and the people he works with because they are ethical and great communicators. BUT he has started going on interviews to find a new job.

I asked Drew why he wanted to find a new job?  He couldn’t really tell me why.  He also told me that he wouldn’t work for the competition and that most of the cross-over opportunities he had explored didn’t offer him anything different than what he was already doing.

I told him that he didn’t need to find a new  job, he needed more of a challenge in his current one to break the routine.  He lit up and said “that’s it.”

We talked about if he could find this stimulation at his current job or if he needed to find a new job.  I suggested that he find a project that he wanted to initiate, implement and monitor as a trial in his region that it wouldn’t just fulfill him more but it would offer value to the company as a whole.

I then asked him, “What would your boss think if you came to him with this type of idea?”

Drew said, “He’d love it!”

Drew was ready to leave a company he loved and find a new job, He was willing to jump to option #2 – How far back do I have to go to get back on track before he looked at options #1 – Can I get there from here. He was stuck in his own “career monkey trap.”

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