road trip

Often times when I talk about how to change jobs I compare it taking a road trip.

Think about if for just a second… you plan your weekends, your holidays, your family and future but not your career.

You even plan your road trips.  You go on line, check out where you should stay, what route you’ll take to get there, what you’ll do once you are there, how much you have to spend, how long you’ll stay.

You decide what you will need to wear, pack your bags, your shower kit and any accessories, pack the car meticulously, make arrangements for neighbors to watch the house, put the dog in a kennel, make sure you have snacks, water and gas.  That’s a lot of planning!

Now imagine you’re finally on the road.  Your car is running great and getting the best mileage ever!  You have your favorite CD cranked and everyone is having a great time.  The hours are passing like minutes when your co-pilot turns to you and says, “We’re going the wrong way!”

At this point you have 3 questions/options:

  1. Can I get there from here?  If I keep going in my current direction can I make a connection or take another route to get back on the right track?
  2. How far back do I need to go to get back on the planned route?
  3. This is the least and absolutely the most risky option – what if I keep going in the wrong direction?  Take a “magical mystery tour” and see what happens when I agree to go where the road takes me?

So if #3 is the most risky option for a road trip… why have you chosen it for your career? Is it time to change jobs?

If you are wondering if you need to change jobs, you should start with option #1.  It represents going to your boss or department head and asking “can I get there from here?”  Do I need to change jobs or departments or duties?  Is there a job or department in your current company that you can transfer to find happiness at work?

If #1 isn’t an option for you then you need to look at option #2.  If you’re looking here you will have to change jobs or your career.  How far back do I need to go to get back on the right track? This is when you have to take inventory of what you truly need and want to live your best life, consider breaking your old habits and then go out and get it. Change jobs, change career, change whatever you need to find happiness at work.

Is your career road trip off track?  Is it time to change jobs?  Do you want to change jobs but are afraid to try or don’t know how? Are you stuck in the Career Monkey Trap?

Leave your comments below so I can answer you back about how to change jobs or your career.



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