Allan wrote me last week asking if he should change jobs?

He is in a job that he really likes with a company that he likes working for and has been offered a “promotion.”

In his current role he is enjoying his ideal work/life balance and spends lot’s of time with his family and doing things outside of work.  But, he also knows that should he accept the promotion that will change.

The big question he has is should he change jobs even though he really likes his current position.

I made the video below to answer Allan’s question because I know many of us face similar situations.

The truth is I can’t answer if Allan should change jobs, because I’m not him and I haven’t walked a mile in his shoes.

I can however give him some career advice and some tools he can use so he can assess if he should change jobs.

I wanted to share an exercise from my book Find Your Drive , I call “Discover Your Priorities.” This isn’t the full exercise (it takes about 30 minutes to complete) but you’ll get the idea.

This one simple exercise will allow you to discover why you are going to work and what is the most important to you in your life. Then you can plug in the new job and see if you’ll be able to maintain or achieve what is really important to you or not.

The goal is to put these four priorities in an order that is important to you.

  • Location – do you need to work in your neighborhood or can you relocate anywhere in the world?
  • Money – what range of salary do you need to make to maintain your current standard of life and how important is having your salary grow.
  • Career – The title you have and the opportunity to advance your career.
  • Company – Everything about a company accept your title.  your definition of work/life balance, pride in work, trust, recognition etc.

Come up with your own personal definitions of each and then put them in order from most important to least important to you.  Once you discover what your personal definitions are and what order they go in you will have the answer to the question – should I change jobs.

If Company is your #1, then taking on a career focused role will conflict with your priorities.

If career is your #1, then taking a promotion will make sense.

Even though this is a very brief version of the exercise, I know you will get some value out of it.If you like this information on if you should change jobs and want to learn more, you can go here to learn how to get a great new job.

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“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world… usually do.” Apple Commercial from 1997…

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