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Here are Some More Resume Tips About How Your Education Can Crush Your Chances of Landing Interviews!

Here is another great example of common wisdom helping you get eliminated and not hired.  The common belief out there is that you should put everything you have ever done in regard to education on your resume.  Every course, every bit of training – everything!

Here are some resume tips for you. Putting ALL of your education on your resume (if there is a lot or way too much) will only increase your chances of getting eliminated and not hired. How you might be asking???

Hiring managers don’t read your resume, this much we know. So how does putting extra information and to be honest information that doesn’t apply to the job on your resume help get you hired? It doesn’t. Hiring managers are only interested in the education they need to see to either eliminate you or put you in the “maybe” pile.

Covering up the education they want to see with tonnes of education they don’t care about is “noise” for them and will get you eliminated for 1 of 2 reasons ( 2 resume tips coming).

1.The hiring managers misses the education they were looking for because all of the education that doesn’t matter was in the way.

I see it all the time. Applicants fill the top half of the first page of their resume with everything they have ever done and I can’t cut through the clutter and find what I am looking for. After 2 minutes it’s like the U2 song says “I still haven’t found what I am looking for.”

I talk all the time in terms of does it get you hired or eliminated – this gets you eliminated!

2.They believe you are over-educated, which can also be seen as “hard to manage” in the hiring world. No one wants to hire anyone smarter than them, do they?

Even if the person screening the resume likes that fact that you have a tonne of education, the hiring manager might not. Again, do they want to bring someone on to the team that is smarter than its leader??? Again, not hired – eliminated.

The goal here is to have them focus on the fact that you have the exact education they are seeking and not all of the education you have ever completed.

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So, watch the video below to get some resume tips on education and learn how to present your education on your resume.

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