You should never apply to a job through a job board or company website!

“What is this guy crazy? That is the exact opposite of what everyone else is saying about how to handle an online application.”

There is something you need to know about the hiring process that no one else is telling you.  The hiring process is NOT designed for you to “showcase” yourself or make yourself look good.  The hiring process is designed to make it as easy and simple for the hiring manager as possible.  In fact, if a hiring manager could spend less time looking at your resume – they would.  As it is they already spend a whopping 6 – 8 seconds skimming your resume before they decide if you are a NO or a Maybe.

I view the job search and the hiring process from a very different perspective – one that empowers job seekers and shows them how to take control.  So when I say don’t apply through online job boards or company websites (I know that, sometime it is your only option) you should try any and all other options first before submitting an online application.

When you send your resume down the black hole that is the online application process you generally have to “cut and paste” the information from your resume into their system which will convert all of your information into HTML.  Which, is a fancy term for makes everyone’s resume look exactly the same. How can you make your stand out?

So how can you beat the online application system and have your resume stand out?

1. Send your beautifully formatted resume directly to the person who can hire you.  There are ways to find their information and it is easier than you think.  Here is an article I found on CareerHub that will show you how to get that all important information using networking and social media.  It is worth checking out.

2.  Do an effective follow up call – NOT a sales call!  Too many people tell you to follow and “don’t forget, this is a great chance to sell yourself.”  Actually it is the absolute wrong time to sell yourself. Being quiet at the right time is more effective than selling at the wrong time.  And selling when you don’t know what the hiring manager is buying is NEVER a good idea.

3. Staying with the “be QUIET” theme.  Part of an effective follow up call is knowing when to listen and when to take control of what is being offered. When a hiring manager says “ah yes, we did get your resume and wanted to book an interview.”  They don’t mean the interview is right now!  Your job is to listen to what they say and then take control with your answers.

So when they do say, “yes we saw your resume and wanted to book an interview” your response would be, “that is great news, can we schedule a time now or should I wait for your call?”

This is a general overview of how to deal with the online application process but it will dramatically improve your application to interview ratio if used correctly.

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