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I look at resume’s all day – every day and I am always amazed at how many resume writing mistakes people include that they think make them look great but are actually getting them thrown directly in the NO pile.

I have a very simple philosophy about the hiring process… If it helps you get hired – Do it.  If it helps you get eliminated from the Hiring Process – Stop it!

So today I want to give you the top 5 RESUME WRITING MISTAKES that you think are putting you over the top but are really putting you in the NO pile.

  1.  The deadliest resume writing mistake of all…“Over 20 years of experience in….”  It is SUPER important to remember that being over qualified for a position will get you eliminated as quickly as being under qualified.  Showing you have 20 years of experience for a position that advertises 3-5 year’s of experience required does not help you get an interview, it gets you eliminated. How many job postings have you seen that say 20 years of experience required???
  2. Listing more education than is required, this is the silent resume writing killer of your job search.  You are being told to show all of your education when doing it will actually get you thrown in the No pile – fast.  For example, listing your education for a Marketing job like this:Marketing Degree, University of Awesome, Coolville TX
    Philosophy Degree, University of Thought, Brainsville, CAHaving a philosophy degree does not enhance your marketing ability and only proves to a hiring manager that you are probably more educated than they are – and that is never good.  It also says to a hiring manager that “I am really interested in your marketing position but if a really cool opportunity in philosophy comes up, I will look at that too.  Just like above, being over educated will get you eliminated as quickly as being over educated – seriously.
  3. Failing to include your email address on your resume, seriously!  This is the “really that can get me eliminated” resume writing mistake.  As a recruiter I need to transfer your resume into my ATS and if you fail to provide your email on your resume, I have to do it!  And it takes extra time, like 2-3 minutes.  It doesn’’t seem like much right?  But you just became the person that took an extra 2 minutes to put into my system and yes, I am annoyed about it!  Remember, does it help you get hired or eliminated?  This helps you get eliminated.
  4. The resume writing mistake you never thought of.  Only using the years you were employed with a company.  Yep, we recruiters are skeptical people and if I see employed from 2009 – 2011 I will give you credit for 1 year of employment – that’s it.  Here is how the logic works.  I will assume you got hired on Dec 31st, 2009 and were fired (yes fired) on Jan 1st, 2011.  That is one year!
  5. Including an Objective, Profile or Summary on your resume.  No, I am not crazy, I have actually proven time and time again that if that profiles/summaries – anything that is not education or experience only improves your chances of getting eliminated.The explanation is long, but here is what I will tell you.  Hiring Managers are very proud to tell me how they would “absolutely eliminate someone if they don’t like their profile or summary” and I have had candidates lose out on interviews because of them too.But no hiring manager has ever told me they would eliminate a candidate for NOT providing a profile or summary.So in short, if it can and will get you eliminated, stop doing it.  If it will help you get hired – do it!  Profiles and summaries only increase your chances of getting eliminated.


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