If you are getting interviews but no job offers – you are blowing the interview with your answers to tough interview questions!

So many people I interview crash and burn when it comes to dealing with the one thing that can sink them and get them eliminated or their tough question.  Don’t leave it to chance when it comes to the one thing that can get you eliminated.  In fact, you should be so prepared that you are begging for them to ask you so you can deal with it and get back to talking about why they should hire you.  And, if they don’t ask… in some cases it is best to bring it up and deal with it to turn the interview in your favour.

1.  Expect tough interview questions.  So why did you leave your last job?  (If you got fired, you will want to be prepared, very prepared.)

2.  Be prepared, so prepared you are begging them to ask you about it.

3. Deal with it in 60 seconds or less then stop talking about why you are unemployed, got fired, what ever it is and START talking about why they should hire you.

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Check out one of my biggest tips on dealing with your tough interview questions in this video.

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